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One Million new Lightworkers in the making, come join the Reiki Level 1 Course


Have you ever wanted to look 10 years younger?  Have you ever just wanted a little boost of energy to get you through the day?  I know you are thinking ” Oh gosh, what is the angle”  What if I told you that it is as easy has knowing how to harness the Universal energy around you.

I am on a personal mission to assist ONE MILLION new LIghtworkers for the 2015. Why such a lofty goal?  Our planet and our civilization NEEDS it.  Imagine if you will, going through the levels of Reiki and knowing how to harness and heal EVERYTHING on a cellular level.  Would you do it?  Would you send that loving energy back into the only planet we have?  Would you send it out into your neighborhood so there is peace on your block?

I have been working with Reiki for the past 10 yrs and can honestly say that being able to work with energy has helped me understand the human body better and our place in the vast universe.

What you are going to learn is:
The history of Reiki
What energy is
What chakras are and how to balance them
Opening yourself up to the energy
Hand placements for self healing
Level 1attunement

This is a 7 week course and will be from March 9 – April 20.

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Please share with any others that would be interested in working with energy. One million Lightworkers is the goal for this year.

Love and Light and can’t wait to journey down this path with you!!!



I Hear Love: The Neuroscience Of The Love Vibration

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Whoa Now,  why such a big word word in the same sentence as love?  Ok go get your coffee and get ready, no just playing this is going to be a little science, a little treat and a LOT of love.  We have already touched on the fact that the human body is amazing and did you know that our mind truly wants us to live a blessed life full of everything we want.  Today we are going to look at how sound relates to our love vibration and how you can keep your vibration high.

First, let us talk about how our subconscious mind is a people pleasure and wants nothing but the best for us.  It listens to everything we say and jumps on it to make it happen.  So if you bombard yourself with negative talk, negative music, negative thoughts, you are going to be bum rushed with negativity because your subconscious mind is sitting there saying “oh yes I will give you everything that you are thinking and talking about because I am here to keep you safe and make you happy”.  Thank goodness we have the ability to change this and thank you modern science to make it possible!

Modern neuroscience has determined that sound is linked to 7 different brain regions:

Thalamus– helps regulate sleep

Cerebellum– associated with learning

Hippocampus– associated with behavior and forming memories

Amygdala– Processes memories and emotional reactions

Prefrontal cortex– linked to your personality

Insular cortex– connected to social awareness

Broca’s area– Affects language comprehension and generation

What does all this mean!?! It means that you can re-program the way your brain and your body functions by doing something that we do everyday – listening!  Love has a frequency of 528 Hz.  I remember when I first heard this.  It sent me out into the world of music and sound to find out what it is all about.  There were times I made my shipmates question my sanity because I would be humming Gregorian chants in the back of the shop LOL.  I wasn’t crazy or getting cabin fever from being out to sea, I was lifting my vibration with the aid of sound.  I was getting my subconscious mind on board with what I really wanted.  My six month deployments were full of some very happy moments and this is pretty hard to believe since  I was working 12 hr days 7 days a week  for months on end and living in a little metal coffin rack that held everything I needed in a room of 30 of these little metal coffin racks.  I took a stand and created my own higher frequency soundtrack for those times out to sea.

Now it is time to play!!!  I came across Attuned Vibrations and loving all the free healing tones that they offer.  Do you want to feel what love sound likes?  Head on over to Attuned Vibrations or over to the Button Love page and download to vibrational tone of 528 Hz which is the universal tone of love.  Go and re-program that brain of yours to  remember, connect, comprehend, behave and learn all things that is love!!!  Don’t forget to come back and tell me all about what you experience!

And as always XXXX

I Feel Love: Why Is Touch So Important

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All we want in life is to be touched

Have you ever had one of those days that all you wanted to do was climb under a blanket at home.  Nothing is going right, you stub your toe, your about to throw in the towel when all of a sudden you feel a hand on your back followed by a little rub or a pat and all of a sudden you feel that it isn’t so bad after all.  What just happened there? Is it magic? Are you going to start seeing the little people? I am happy to report to you that it was just the power of touch lifting and shifting to create that homeostasis of love.

I may be a bit bias on the power of touch since I am a Massage Therapist and all 🙂 But know this, it is in our nature, our very fiber of existence to be touched.  You see when we are touched,  hormones like Dopomine and Oxytocin  are released.  These hormones give us the feelings of pleasure and bonding.  My friends, this is why you absolutely, hands down love anyone that rubs your feet!  I myself have told many therapists that I love them and want them to have my baby LOL

Another interesting fact about how amazing our body is would the fact that our emotions are stored or trapped in our tissue (muscle fibers, organs, etc.)  Emotions are designed to move through our bodies but sometimes they can become stuck and surface as physical issues.  Take stress for an example, the last time I checked 90% of the aliments that are seen by a PCP are caused by stress.  This is an emotion, a state of being, that was trapped in the body and surfaced as a health concern.  I don’t want you to think that not having emotions will keep you out of the doctors office, just want you to keep in mind that they must be acknowledged, worked through and then moved on.

The best plan of attack to rid your body of these zappers of love and peace would be massage.  Now for those you out there that do not like to be touched yoga is a great way to milk those muscles of toxins as well.  Ok back to massage! Massage has been used for centuries, not as a luxury, but as a way to heal the body.  The different strokes play a role in purging our tissues of build up.  Petrissage is a deep, compression style stroke that is used to dislodge those pesky waste capsules (knots) while effleurage is used to transport this waste through the fibers while keeping you relaxed.  It is a wonderful dance of balance to keep your body in the homeostasis it so longs for.

So here is your Love Vibration Boost for today!!  Give someone a little back massage!  Follow the simple routine below to bring a smile to someones face and the love in their heart.

Simple Back Massage Routine

  • Start with rubbing oil on the person (go back to yesterdays post for a very nice combination of oils)
  • start with your hands on either side of the spin just above the bum
  • glide your hands up the back and over the shoulders (take this path nice and slow 3x)
  • kneed the shoulders, after each kneed glide around shoulder (take your time 3x)
  • repeat on the other shoulder
  • repeat the glide up the back

You can do this series 3x doing each step 3x. Hmmm appears I am a fan of doing things in 3’s.  Just remember that it isn’t a race, take your time and connect.

Ok my lovelies!!  Go forth and spread love and joy with those hands of yours and come back and tell me how much they loved you!!!

As always XXXX


The Smell Of Love – 4 Essential Oils To Boost Your Love Vibration



Love is indeed an emotion that can take over your entire body.  And this isn’t just love between two people but universal love, the love that is all around us on a daily basis.  I would like you to close your eyes for a second and think about the state of  love.  What do you see, feel, hear, or smell?  This week we are going to visit every aspect of love and how you can manifest this state of being into every second of our lives.

Today the focus is on using our sense of smell to shift our way of thinking and lift our love vibration.  We are so busy in our lives that we tend to forget to enjoy life (I am guilty of this as well) but in this running here and there and getting whatever it is that we need to get done that day our vibration frequency drops lower and lower.  You have to amp up that love frequency so that way you can manifest blessings and opportunities.

A quickest  fix for the shift  is through our sense of smell.  You see scientists have stated that our sense of smell plays a major role in controlling mood, memory, behavior and emotion.  Those good old olfactory receptors are directly connected to our limbic  system which is said to be the oldest, most primitive part of our brain and just so happens to be where emotions are located.  Did you just get that AH-HA!

Here are 4 of my most favorite essential oils that will flip that switch in that old brain and get the love flowing strong!


Rose oil is a fragrance with rich, deep base notes, floral middle tones and a sweet, slightly leafy top note.  It has been used for centuries for love.  What this oil does is it produces a calming, uplifting feeling.  (there is that higher vibration cue – uplifting)


Orange blossom essential oil has an intoxicating, heady aroma with orange floral undertones.  This bringer of self-confidence and reliever of anxiety is keep on the first date!!  I think this is my go to smell because it reminds me of spring and what is there not to love about spring!


It has a balsamic, woody aroma so is a great choice if you don’t particularly like floral fragrances.  This fragrance as been used since ancient times and is used for spiritual applications, as well as, being an aphrodisiac. (wink wink)   This smell of the earth instills a deep sense of inner peace.


This is hands down my favorite one to use!  Ylang-ylang has a sweet, floral-balsamic aroma which is quite sweet and rich.  It comes from a tropical flower and is used a great deal in weddings to help lovers get over any sexual hick-ups they may have.

Now comes the fun part! Application time!!  The best massage oil I ever made was a mixture of orange blossom, sandalwood and ylang-ylang.  If you want to shift your way of thinking and amp that love frequency get these scents going in your house by any means: Scentsy tarts, boiling some orange peels on the stove or making yourself some sweet love massage oils.  And while you are doing that, I will be getting your next “Turn Up The Love” segment going!

And as always XXX


Secret Of The Law Of Attraction: Law Of Vibration

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I know you are wondering what this Law Of Vibration and why is it the secret of the Law Of Attraction.  Everything in the universe is energy and thus has a vibration that it resonates with.  Ok, ready to have your mind blown?  If you are not working with the Law Of Vibration then the Law Of Attraction will not work.  Now do you see why you have to be in touch with this Universal Law.  It is key to make sure that your vibration is in tune with your desires.

According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, there are 17 energy levels that we generate or vibrate with on a daily basis.

  • Shame … energy level 20
  • Guilt … energy level 30
  • Apathy …energy level 50
  • Grief …energy level 75
  • Fear … energy level 100
  • Desire … energy level 125
  • Anger … energy level 150
  • Pride …. energy level 175
  • Courage … energy level 200
  • Neutrality … energy level 250
  • Willingness … energy level 310
  • Acceptance … energy level 350
  • Reason … energy level 400
  • Love … energy level 500
  • Joy … energy level 540
  • Peace … energy level 600
  • Enlightenment … energy level 700 – 1000

As you can see from the list above the emotions that have the lower frequencies are the emotions that keep us from achieving our soul desires.  An example of this would be, running into a wall every time you try to create a happy home life full of communication, love, understanding and support.  This would be because deep down you are resonating with a shame of where you are from.  I have always found working with energy frequencies to be pretty amazing because it strips everything down to the simplest form.  For those of you that know me are probably giggling a little with that last sentence since I always say “Let’s take this to the simplest form” it could very well be a Navy thing “work smarter not harder”.

brain, energy flow, energy therapy

Here is a great little meditation that you can use to connect with the healing energy flow of our Higher Power and the support of the Earth that will change your energy level and get you on the right track to bringing your desires to you.

I want you to visualize a healing white light that is coming down from the Higher Power into your crown chakra.  Allow yourself to receive this loving energy.  Give yourself permission to accept this love into your body and feel its warmth fill every part of your being.  Feel it flow through your arms, into your heart, down into your stomach, warming your legs.  Now see the energy flow out your feet and into the center of the Earth where all the love and support is and keeps us grounded.  The healing energy of the Higher Power now meets the loving support of the Mother Earth and flows back up to your feet now a glorious white and gold swirling energy that pulses with pure love.  The purity flows up your legs, into your stomach and up to your heart where is expands and surrounds you as a glowing bubble.  Now I want you to ask yourself – What will it take?  What will it take to get yourself to the higher energy frequency of love?

The best part of this meditation is that you can stay connected to the love and support all day and just create to your hearts desire!

I would love to hear back from you about all the goodness that is happening after you start connecting and stay connected to all the universe has to offer.  Leave me a comment so I can give you a long distance High-Five!!!

And as always my lovelies XXXXXXXX (tons of love)


The Tao Of A Reiki Master

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We are born into this world with deep seeded knowledge of the Universe and what we need out of it to truly live it to the fullest, most fulfilling way we can.  Somehow we forget all that universal knowledge as we grow-up and acquire all the tools we need for adulthood but still our souls have a calling, even nagging, pull to something we can’t put our fingers on.  Enter Tao – the primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe- it is truly the “knowing” of life.  Reiki Masters for thousands of years have answered this calling in hopes of giving back, healing, and filling their own void.

Reiki, for those of you that do not know, is  a Japanese energy healing modality.  The word itself is made of two words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” Mikao Usui had a profound Reiki healing session when he was in meditation on top  Mt. Kurama and received the spiritual pull to provide others with the life force of the universe.

It is much better to give this power widely to a lot of people in the world and enjoy it among them than to keep it exclusively

Usui made the experience a way of life for himself and his students (myself included) by implementing the 5 Principles (Reiki Golden Rule) that we all follow today:

Reiki, Energy Healing, Chi, Life Force, Tao

So there is no confusion, Reiki is not a religion it is mode of spiritual growth that lets you tap into the Higher Power and benefit from the flow of healing energy that  is all around us.  Everyone has the ability to harness this life force.  The studying of Reiki allows you the ability to channel the natural flow for relaxation, peace of mind, and healing.  There are 4 Levels that the person progresses through and each building on the other to create a complete Master.

Level I teaches you how to feel and connect to the chi while you concentrate on healing yourself.  It is true what they say, you must take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.  This  level takes roughly 6 months to complete because the student is reiking every inanimate object they can get there hands on, as well as, themselves.  Once your Master feels you are proficient in the flow and not blocked anywhere, there is an attunement that is performed that gives blessings of the Reiki symbols and gives gratitude to the Higher Power.

Level II is where you are allowed to start working on others while continuing to working on yourself.  Why so much working on yourself? We pick up others people energy, emotions, and junk every time we preform the healing act.  So washing your hands and clearing yourself is very important.  This level roughly takes 6 months to complete.  My Master actually printed out client contact forms for me to complete and gave me a task of completing 25.  This is also the level that you start working with the Reiki symbols, which until recently, where only allowed to be memorized and there was no written record of them.  Once you have completed the tasks of this level there is another attunement to set the students intentions and align their vibrations.

Level III is where it starts getting fun and you learn that Reiki flows through all dimensions of space and time.  This level roughly takes a year to complete and you work with performing distance healing and learning to work with this levels symbols.  While in this level, you learn to put a healing into the “Bank” to be pulled down later by the intended person, past life healing, the sky is the limit in this level.  After you have played then you get another attunement to full receive all the Universe has to offer.

Level IV is the teaching aspect.  This level takes about a year and a half and prepares you to share all that you have gained on your journey with others through  all the attunements, all the symbols, all the meditations, and all the clearings.

I do have to say that that I am proud to say that I am a Reiki Master/Teacher because I have definitely grown into a better person and feel that I can give back to the Earth and humanity.  I was truly blessed when I was called to my Reiki Master and dear friend.  She assisted me in finding my way out of a very dark place and put me on the loving path that I have been traveling for the past 10 years.  I am know blessed in finding my own voice and strength to bring this to all of you.  I have decided that within the next few months I am going to open up to holding classes online and fulfill my duties of spreading the this healing love.  I have a goal of enriching the lives of 1 million people.  There I said it!!!!  1 MILLION people full of Reiki and spreading healing energy from a place of love and gratitude!!!  And since there is always a Call to Action, share this with the ones you love, get a group that wants to learn, scream it from the mountain tops, and let me know your in 🙂

Remember, Not All Who Wonder Are Lost.  We are simply trying to touch as many lives as we can!

And as always much love to you xxx

Wednesday Crushing: #EffYourBeautyStandards with Tess




This weeks theme is all about the beauty and the beauty in life all around us so naturally my Wednesday Crushing would be all about the ray of sunshine that  is Tess (Munster) Holliday.  I stumbled across her back in September when I was thinking about checking things off my bucket list (it is time to cross those wishes and wants off).  I have had a modeling dream since I was a kid but growing up I knew I wasn’t the industry standard, sure I am cute but not the “standard”.


Then enter this lady.  She is not the “standard”.  She is demolishing the walls and knocking down doors with her 5’5″ size 22 BREATHTAKING frame!  In 2010 Tess made the biggest change in her life when she moved to LA and became the model that everyone before that told her that she would never be.  I love her because she took the cruelness of the bullying and the rejection that she received early on in life and flipped her script!  It could have been easy for her to just settle and become the cruel words she was hearing.  She could have backed down from her BIG DREAMS and settled for work at some job but she didn’t.  She stepped up and followed the red lipstick color and everything beautiful on the color palette by becoming a Makeup Artist.  She has been building peoples self-esteem for some time now 🙂  A few short months after moving to LA she made her dream come true and landed her first modeling gigs both print and TV.  Her list of accomplishments is HUGE and she recently signed with MiLK Model Management.


#EffYourBeautyStandards, in my humble opinion, is stand down her biggest and best career accomplishment.  It is a movement on Instagram with 77 THOUSAND followers, including myself.  A little safe haven where followers come for encouragement, feel good vibes, and courage to be who they are.  It offers love of self, tolerance of others, and promotes beauty being within and without.


Want to join the movement that is Tess Holliday and #effyourbeautystandards!!! Which I totally need to get one of her shirts LOL

Go and follow her at:

Facebook: Tess Munster Plus-Size Model

Instagram:  @EffYourBeautyStandards


P.S. I will be sending off an email and pics to one of my favorite vintage clothing lines who are looking for a plus-size model!!!! time to mark it off the list 🙂

Have a BEAUTIFUL rest of your week xxx


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