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First off, welcome to the first ever post of LoneStar Holistic and I hope to bring you many posts over many years that you will both enjoy and learn from.

So naturally I was sitting at work (yep still have the day job) racking my brain on what I was going to write about and the answer seemed simple enough.

What is All-Natural?

To me all natural was simple: the use of essential oils, pure carrier oils, and items I had in my fridge and pantry.  but that is totally the answer in its simplest form.  Is it really just that simple – I thought no it can’t be because all of the labels and the FDA and on and on.  I went on an all natural adventure, a quest if you will to find the exact definition and what really makes all-natural, all-natural.

I came across tons of articles and posts saying that all-natural didn’t really exist and it was all just a marketing ploy in this day and age where people want to be health, live longer and look younger.  I knew it wasn’t the case since I had notebooks of recipes.  And then when I thought all was lost and there was no answer and the marketing world took over another one – I found it, I found the answer to the question and it wasn’t 42 this time.

According to the natural Ingredient Resource Center there is a definition and a criteria.

The “Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients”

Product that is derived from plant, animal, or microbial sources, primarily through physical processing, sometimes facilitated by simple chemical reactions such as acidification, basification, ion exchange, hydrolysis, and salt formation as well as microbial fermentation.

Ok so I’m looking good so far!! Now lets see if I meet the criteria?

  • present in or produced by nature
  • produced using minimal physical processing
  • directly extracted using simple methods, simple chemical reactions, or resulting from naturally occurring biological process

Sweet according to all that right there I am making 100% All-Natural!!  I knew it all along like it is apart of my DNA or something LOL Ok maybe not apart of my DNA but I am proud to say that LoneStar Holistic is here to provide you what you need on your path to wellness!!


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