Start It Off Right – With a little detox


If you celebrated like I celebrated this coming New Year, we are having the same thought.

“Oh waaaay to old for this”

“Never again”


Every year we sit down and say “I resolve to organize my house, yard, life” but what about our insides.  Our insides need some serious organization and cleaning out with all the toxins we take in daily (half the time not even knowing) So I sat down and brainstormed and researched every herb, fruit and vegetable and how they benefit the body and came up with a pretty sweet combination that lets your body know that you love it!!

LoneStar Detox Drink

Ingredients – now I don’t want you to brake the bank with the juice so check out your local co-op for organic, health food stores and yes even Wal-Mart.


I used equal amounts of the tea and juice and 1/4 teaspoon of apple pectin and 1 teaspoon of the pysillium to make up my drinks.  Have fun with this tasty beverage and please don’t forget to drink your water 🙂 And according to the Mayo Clinic that is 3 liters a day for men and 2.2 liters a day for women.

Happy Detox and see you Friday with some tasty detox smoothie recipes! This month is all about making our insides match what we are doing for our outsides.  Got to love the New Year 🙂


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