The Gift Of Massage

couples massage



Well Valentine Day is just four days away and I am sure you are starting to panic about what to get that special someone.  I’m here this week to give you some pointers on the BEST GIFT EVER – a massage! (Hint: It is one of the things my honey is getting)

Why would I call it the best gift ever? That is an easy one, as a massage therapist we are instructed how a simple act of touch can have profound effects on our bodies. As humans we crave touch, heck I am playing with my hair while typing this post.  Our skin is the largest organ we have in our body and thats a ton of receptors.  Touch decreases stress hormones, increases the “feel good” hormones, communicates intamacy, and strengthens bonds to name a few. Bottom line is massage makes us healthy and happy!

So without further ado,  what you are going to need for the best massage you have ever given!

1. Set The Mood

Find the perfect area at your place to set your massage space up. I know not everyone has a massage table they can just fling open so you will want to make a soft comfortable pallet of blankets and pillows on the floor. Now remember,  you are going to be doing some work so you are going to want to make sure that you will be comfortable also because your discomfort will come through in your massage.

2. Lighting

If you have those sweet dimmers on your lights by all means put those puppies to work. If you have candles place them around your space you created but make sure you don’t knock them over, that would not be relaxing LOL.  I find the LED candles put off the best amount of light – nice and soft.

3. Music

This is an important one. You are going to want to find something that works for the both of you. I seriously had a client that felt more relaxed when he listened to Led Zeppelin during the session rather than Yani.  Now here is a secret weapon I have been using for years,  I use brainwave music to assist with everything from affirmations to relaxation.  I have found that the best music to play is music that is layered on the Theta brainwave.  You will have them drooling in no time.

4. Massage Oil

I bet you didn’t know that you already have a great massage oil in your  kitchen.  Well you do – olive oil. This cooking oil just so happens to be pretty amazing for our skin and a little goes a long way! You can even use some essential oils in it if you have them. My preference is a nice ylang  ylang but the fragrance is up to the person you are giving the massage to. Its their special gift.

5. The Massage

Now to give a loving, wonderful massage to your sweetie the key is long and slow strokes. For instance, when you are working on the back you could count to 10 as you run your hands on either side of the spin down the back, across the top of the bum and work your hands back up on the sides of your sweetie.  You want to make sure that your strokes are nice and slow and you stay in contact with the skin. Once you break contact it causes the person receiving to stir a bit and break their relaxation.  Don’t be afriad to get the whole body involved. This is a great technique for relaxation and connection. First you are going to have your person laying on their stomach.  You will perform your nice slow and smooth strokes up and down the back. Next, you will bring the persons leg up like they are a frog. Lastly, you are going to start your back strokes again but this time you will carry the stroke down and up the leg also.  This move really causes and integration of mind, body, spirit.

Now go and spend some time letting the one you love know they are special 🙂

As always xxxxxxxx and have fun!



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