Spa in Your Kitchen – At-Home Spa Recipes



Hey there all you fabulous people!  Today we are going to treat ourselves.  Did you know that there are ways you can bring that salon spa treatment feeling to the comfort of your own living room.  No need to put on the snow boots (in my case) and head on up the street.  No thank you, especially since it is sooooo dang cold here.  All you need are items that you already have and buy all the time.

Are you ready for your spa day that will be enjoyed in your fluffy Power Puff Girls pj bottoms  while you watch whatever ridiculous show you want 🙂

Bath Soak

Start out your relaxing day with a little de-stress to get you in the right frame of mind to have “me” time.  All you are going to need is some Epson Salt.  This gem can be found at any dollar store.  The beauty secret with this salt is that it draws tension from you muscles so this one is a complete must in your Me Time Toolkit.

DIY Pedicure

I don’t know about you but the only time I have looked at my feet since winter has started has been when I’m in the shower LOL  So my feetsies are in DESPERATE need of a little TLC and this is where the Arm & Hammer comes into play.  All you need to do is dissolve 3 tbsp in your soaking water and then make up a simple paste to lightly scrub on your feet to get rid of winter and get ready for spring.  If you want a little extra bonus you can pick up some peppermint essential oil up to help relax those dogs.

DIY Body Polish

These are great for all the time! It’s good to give your body a nice little scrub once a week.  And just as easy as opening up your pantry.  All your going to need are two ingredients: olive oil and sugar.  Olive oil is great for our skin because it moisturizes and is an anti-inflammatory.  The sugar is a personal preference of mine because it is gentler on our skin as it exfoliates.

DIY Facial

Now here is the part we all love – the facial! All you need to have a pretty sweet glow to your nice tight skin is a banana and some honey.  Smash up a medium banana and 2 tsp of honey.  They are jammed pack with vitamins that are essential for healthy skin (Vitamin C and B6) along with important antioxidants that battle all of our wonderful pollutants that we face every day.

See how easy is that!  We should not forget to take care of ourselves – trust me I’m the worst about treating myself with nice things.  With how easy it is, we have no excuse 🙂

Enjoy you Me Time and have a great week!

And as always xxx Meredith


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