Farmers’ Market and Your Skincare


It seems here lately that everywhere we turn, we are seeing the words: GMO, toxins, pesticides, bacteria, contamination, antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant, additives and the list goes on and on.  And these words are used to describe the food we eat. Well since I am about bringing spa day to your home, that means that these words are also talking about what we are putting on our skin.  Not a very relaxing thought!

Today is all about your local Farmers’ Market where you can purchase all the seasonal goodies you will need to bring that inner shine out.  These market places actually provide more to us then just some place that you see hippies and smell patchouli.

  • They allow you to buy locally.  This means supporting your local farmers and agriculture.  You are not paying for energy and fuel it costs to ship to the grocery chains.
  • You have the chance to buy cheaper, cleaner  fruits and vegetables.  The markets offer produce that  are pesticide and herbicide free.  You have a chance to speak with the farmers in person and learn their methods and secrets.
  • You support your local economy and the money stays in the community.
  • You get fresh, ripe, seasonal produce.
  • Food from your local markets tend to be safer. Remember the E. coli in the bagged salad?
  • And finally, local just tastes better.


The above just supports what we all know deep down – cleaner food is better for us both inside and out.

Some amazing in-season fruits for your skincare routine are:

  • Apricots – reduces wrinkles, removes blackheads, improves skin tone
  • Beets – fights inflammation,  balances oxygen, anti-aging
  • Carrots – anti-aging, glowing skin, treats blemishes
  • Cherries – skin lightening, anti-aging, skin glow
  • Garlic – acne treatment, blackhead removal, whitehead removal
  • Grapefruit – smooths wrinkles, reduces age spots, firms skin
  • Mint – anti-inflammatory, blackhead removal, relieves headaches
  • Oranges – anti-aging, skin whiting, glowing skin
  • Strawberries – skin cleanser, toner, improves complexion


These are just a few of the items you can pick up locally to create a great spring time skincare routine to get winter off your face.

Friday At-Home Spa time will have a couple of recipes for you to try and love!

Happy Spring and come back Friday for the spa time 🙂

xxx Meredith


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