Transformation A Plenty


The past few months have been full of meditation, reflection and transformation.  I took a journey inwards to get clarity on the path of LoneStar Holistic.  How do I want to enrich the lives of the souls that find this and how do I want to enrich my own life.  Let’s face it, if you are not enriching your own life how are you to show your light that will touch the lives of others.  LoneStar is going to be a flowing in the direction of the Triple Goddess 🙂 Growing (LoneStar Holistic Lavender Farm), Nurturing (LoneStar Holistic lavender products) and sharing knowledge (LoneStar Holistic Publications)

The next chapter of my personal life is actually blending with how I want LoneStar to grow!!  My love and I have actually finished our move out into the country and welcome the calm with open arms.  There will be room to start the lavender farm and be able to share everything about this wonderful flower with you and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING!! Talk about being in a constant state of calm! You and I will learn together on how to harness the bliss of growing and taking it back to our roots (snicker snicker – I could not help myself)

I cant wait to make all my wonderful recipes for you to enjoy and gift and just plain love.  And all with the wonderful powers of Lavender.  Candles, scrubs, soaps, chocolates (oh yes I said chocolate) and so much more!

Now this leads us to the most valuable part of the Triple Goddess – Sharing the knowledge.  There are online courses, workshops, ebooks and even a series of ebooks for children to help them shine even brighter.  Everything that I have locked in the vaults is coming out and put on paper or in our case now, the computer screen.  The first publication is actually sitting on my computer now waiting for me to have the courage to share it with the world.  It is called Blissful Center: 21-week Workbook To Finding Your Peace, this book has a wonderful morning and evening meditation, chakra work, affirmations and quotes to bring it into all home.  I am very excited and scared about this venture but mainly excited.  I have been working on all the publications that you are going to see coming up for a very long time and it is time to share them.

I am taking LoneStar Holistic back to the vision I had for it when I first started thinking about bringing a business to life! Thank you for being a part of this and I look forward to all the growth that we will see 🙂


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