Wednesday Crushing: #EffYourBeautyStandards with Tess




This weeks theme is all about the beauty and the beauty in life all around us so naturally my Wednesday Crushing would be all about the ray of sunshine that  is Tess (Munster) Holliday.  I stumbled across her back in September when I was thinking about checking things off my bucket list (it is time to cross those wishes and wants off).  I have had a modeling dream since I was a kid but growing up I knew I wasn’t the industry standard, sure I am cute but not the “standard”.


Then enter this lady.  She is not the “standard”.  She is demolishing the walls and knocking down doors with her 5’5″ size 22 BREATHTAKING frame!  In 2010 Tess made the biggest change in her life when she moved to LA and became the model that everyone before that told her that she would never be.  I love her because she took the cruelness of the bullying and the rejection that she received early on in life and flipped her script!  It could have been easy for her to just settle and become the cruel words she was hearing.  She could have backed down from her BIG DREAMS and settled for work at some job but she didn’t.  She stepped up and followed the red lipstick color and everything beautiful on the color palette by becoming a Makeup Artist.  She has been building peoples self-esteem for some time now 🙂  A few short months after moving to LA she made her dream come true and landed her first modeling gigs both print and TV.  Her list of accomplishments is HUGE and she recently signed with MiLK Model Management.


#EffYourBeautyStandards, in my humble opinion, is stand down her biggest and best career accomplishment.  It is a movement on Instagram with 77 THOUSAND followers, including myself.  A little safe haven where followers come for encouragement, feel good vibes, and courage to be who they are.  It offers love of self, tolerance of others, and promotes beauty being within and without.


Want to join the movement that is Tess Holliday and #effyourbeautystandards!!! Which I totally need to get one of her shirts LOL

Go and follow her at:

Facebook: Tess Munster Plus-Size Model

Instagram:  @EffYourBeautyStandards


P.S. I will be sending off an email and pics to one of my favorite vintage clothing lines who are looking for a plus-size model!!!! time to mark it off the list 🙂

Have a BEAUTIFUL rest of your week xxx


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