I Feel Love: Why Is Touch So Important

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All we want in life is to be touched

Have you ever had one of those days that all you wanted to do was climb under a blanket at home.  Nothing is going right, you stub your toe, your about to throw in the towel when all of a sudden you feel a hand on your back followed by a little rub or a pat and all of a sudden you feel that it isn’t so bad after all.  What just happened there? Is it magic? Are you going to start seeing the little people? I am happy to report to you that it was just the power of touch lifting and shifting to create that homeostasis of love.

I may be a bit bias on the power of touch since I am a Massage Therapist and all 🙂 But know this, it is in our nature, our very fiber of existence to be touched.  You see when we are touched,  hormones like Dopomine and Oxytocin  are released.  These hormones give us the feelings of pleasure and bonding.  My friends, this is why you absolutely, hands down love anyone that rubs your feet!  I myself have told many therapists that I love them and want them to have my baby LOL

Another interesting fact about how amazing our body is would the fact that our emotions are stored or trapped in our tissue (muscle fibers, organs, etc.)  Emotions are designed to move through our bodies but sometimes they can become stuck and surface as physical issues.  Take stress for an example, the last time I checked 90% of the aliments that are seen by a PCP are caused by stress.  This is an emotion, a state of being, that was trapped in the body and surfaced as a health concern.  I don’t want you to think that not having emotions will keep you out of the doctors office, just want you to keep in mind that they must be acknowledged, worked through and then moved on.

The best plan of attack to rid your body of these zappers of love and peace would be massage.  Now for those you out there that do not like to be touched yoga is a great way to milk those muscles of toxins as well.  Ok back to massage! Massage has been used for centuries, not as a luxury, but as a way to heal the body.  The different strokes play a role in purging our tissues of build up.  Petrissage is a deep, compression style stroke that is used to dislodge those pesky waste capsules (knots) while effleurage is used to transport this waste through the fibers while keeping you relaxed.  It is a wonderful dance of balance to keep your body in the homeostasis it so longs for.

So here is your Love Vibration Boost for today!!  Give someone a little back massage!  Follow the simple routine below to bring a smile to someones face and the love in their heart.

Simple Back Massage Routine

  • Start with rubbing oil on the person (go back to yesterdays post for a very nice combination of oils)
  • start with your hands on either side of the spin just above the bum
  • glide your hands up the back and over the shoulders (take this path nice and slow 3x)
  • kneed the shoulders, after each kneed glide around shoulder (take your time 3x)
  • repeat on the other shoulder
  • repeat the glide up the back

You can do this series 3x doing each step 3x. Hmmm appears I am a fan of doing things in 3’s.  Just remember that it isn’t a race, take your time and connect.

Ok my lovelies!!  Go forth and spread love and joy with those hands of yours and come back and tell me how much they loved you!!!

As always XXXX



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