I Hear Love: The Neuroscience Of The Love Vibration

love, vibration, frequency therapy, happiness

Whoa Now,  why such a big word word in the same sentence as love?  Ok go get your coffee and get ready, no just playing this is going to be a little science, a little treat and a LOT of love.  We have already touched on the fact that the human body is amazing and did you know that our mind truly wants us to live a blessed life full of everything we want.  Today we are going to look at how sound relates to our love vibration and how you can keep your vibration high.

First, let us talk about how our subconscious mind is a people pleasure and wants nothing but the best for us.  It listens to everything we say and jumps on it to make it happen.  So if you bombard yourself with negative talk, negative music, negative thoughts, you are going to be bum rushed with negativity because your subconscious mind is sitting there saying “oh yes I will give you everything that you are thinking and talking about because I am here to keep you safe and make you happy”.  Thank goodness we have the ability to change this and thank you modern science to make it possible!

Modern neuroscience has determined that sound is linked to 7 different brain regions:

Thalamus– helps regulate sleep

Cerebellum– associated with learning

Hippocampus– associated with behavior and forming memories

Amygdala– Processes memories and emotional reactions

Prefrontal cortex– linked to your personality

Insular cortex– connected to social awareness

Broca’s area– Affects language comprehension and generation

What does all this mean!?! It means that you can re-program the way your brain and your body functions by doing something that we do everyday – listening!  Love has a frequency of 528 Hz.  I remember when I first heard this.  It sent me out into the world of music and sound to find out what it is all about.  There were times I made my shipmates question my sanity because I would be humming Gregorian chants in the back of the shop LOL.  I wasn’t crazy or getting cabin fever from being out to sea, I was lifting my vibration with the aid of sound.  I was getting my subconscious mind on board with what I really wanted.  My six month deployments were full of some very happy moments and this is pretty hard to believe since  I was working 12 hr days 7 days a week  for months on end and living in a little metal coffin rack that held everything I needed in a room of 30 of these little metal coffin racks.  I took a stand and created my own higher frequency soundtrack for those times out to sea.

Now it is time to play!!!  I came across Attuned Vibrations and loving all the free healing tones that they offer.  Do you want to feel what love sound likes?  Head on over to Attuned Vibrations or over to the Button Love page and download to vibrational tone of 528 Hz which is the universal tone of love.  Go and re-program that brain of yours to  remember, connect, comprehend, behave and learn all things that is love!!!  Don’t forget to come back and tell me all about what you experience!

And as always XXXX



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