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One Million new Lightworkers in the making, come join the Reiki Level 1 Course


Have you ever wanted to look 10 years younger?  Have you ever just wanted a little boost of energy to get you through the day?  I know you are thinking ” Oh gosh, what is the angle”  What if I told you that it is as easy has knowing how to harness the Universal energy around you.

I am on a personal mission to assist ONE MILLION new LIghtworkers for the 2015. Why such a lofty goal?  Our planet and our civilization NEEDS it.  Imagine if you will, going through the levels of Reiki and knowing how to harness and heal EVERYTHING on a cellular level.  Would you do it?  Would you send that loving energy back into the only planet we have?  Would you send it out into your neighborhood so there is peace on your block?

I have been working with Reiki for the past 10 yrs and can honestly say that being able to work with energy has helped me understand the human body better and our place in the vast universe.

What you are going to learn is:
The history of Reiki
What energy is
What chakras are and how to balance them
Opening yourself up to the energy
Hand placements for self healing
Level 1attunement

This is a 7 week course and will be from March 9 – April 20.

Click here to head over to paypal and secure your spot!

Please email me at to secure your spot in class

Please share with any others that would be interested in working with energy. One million Lightworkers is the goal for this year.

Love and Light and can’t wait to journey down this path with you!!!



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